AOK-DANCE offers various different classes in Clonmel.  All classes are held in a safe environment.  The emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and confidence-building, while learning.  All classes are run by Aoife O'Keeffe.


Classes are offered in the following:


Junior ballet

These classes take place on Saturday mornings, and are split in to four different groups based on age and school year:


    ▪ Robins (preschool)

    ▪ Cygnets (1st & 2nd infants)

    ▪ Swans (1st, 2nd, 3rd class)

    ▪ Nightingales (4th, 5th, 6th class)


Senior ballet

These classes are for ages 12+, and take place in a dance studio, with ballet barres and mirrors.


Pointe work

These classes are open to senior ballet students, and there are limited places.  Classes take places in a dance studio with mirrors and ballet barres.


Lyrical dance / contemporary ballet

These classes combine ballet and jazz, and focus on creativity.  They take place in a dance studio (with mirrors and ballet barres), and are split in to various different groups, based on age and school year:


    ▪ Preparatory

    ▪ Junior

    ▪ Elementary

    ▪ Intermediate

    ▪ Senior

    ▪ Advanced


Boys contemporary dance

These classes are designed specifically for boys, and approach dance in a fun environment.  Classes take place in a dance studio and are split in two groups based on age:


    ▪ Falcons

    ▪ Eagles


Adult contemporary dance

These fun classes are suited for beginners and those with experience alike.  Classes take place in a dance studio.


One-to-one classes

These one-to-one classes are available on request to students of the school only, subject to availability, and take place in a dance studio.



For further information on any of these classes, or to book a spot, please contact Aoife as follows:


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 085 753 4024


Or please click here.

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